About Feltre Kids

My name is Jamie Lynn Feltre, and I'm the mother of two very active, outdoor-loving, super busy young boys, and guess what? They used to HATE to wash their hands.

For years, hand washing was a never-ending battle in our house. Those two rambunctious rascals just wouldn't wash their hands unless I constantly nagged them.

I get it if you're frustrated with keeping your kids even semi-clean because this was my life too. That challenge inspired me to figure out a way to make hand washing more of a healthy habit that would stick with my kids for life, instead of it being a dreaded chore, and that answer was adding an element of fun to my kids' oh-so-boring hand washing routine.

What about a fun prize, a little reward, for hand washing?

Mama, we've got you covered. Your kid's hands covered in suds, that is.

Feltre Kids offers a line of small, kid-sized hand soaps and foaming soaps, and - - just like the prize at the bottom of a cereal box offers fun and anticipation at the end - - there is a special reward nestled within the soap. The more they wash, the closer they get to that fun surprise at the end.

As parents of young kids, you and I know that if something isn't obviously fun, it'll get rejected like broccoli at dinnertime. So turn the necessity of hand washing into an exciting habit with a reward system. Empower your children with the gift of responsibility and excitement for a healthy habit for life.

And together let's turn hand washing into a good habit that they actually look forward to!