The Care and Storage of Soap

Artisan Soap requires special care in order to maintain the bar in between uses.

  • The key to maintaining your soap for the maximum amount of time is to allow it to dry fully between uses. Storing your soap in a wet environment will cause it to quickly turn into a gelatinous mess!
  • A soap dish with high ridges is essential to keeping your bar of soap dry. If you don't have a soap dish, a dry paper towel or dry washcloth will work as well, as long as the paper towel or washcloth is sitting on a dry surface.
  • If possible, stand the soap on its long end, in order to expose the bar to as much air as possible. The more fully your bar is able to dry in between uses, the longer your soap will last. 
  • Some dollar stores, home stores, and even Amazon offer inexpensive 'Soap Savers' in their bathroom departments for a dollar or less. These small plastic mats, with nubs that raise the soap above any residual water in the soap dish, are worth every penny of your investment. Soap Savers will last forever, are easily cleaned (just rinse off any soap residue!) and will help ensure you get the maximum usage out of your soap.